Metatheoretical decisions for the grounded theory research of sermons on poverty and to the poor as listeners

  • H.J.C. Pieterse University of Pretoria
Keywords: Metatheoretical assumptions, Theory-praxis relationship, Approach to research, Theological perspectice, Homiletical-theoretical framework


The challenge of working with metatheoretical assumptions in a postmodern situation of a plurality of scientific-theoretical approaches is taken up in this article. The question whether the researcher must, in a practical-theological study, begin with theory analysis first or with praxis analysis first, is discussed. In sermon analysis with a grounded theory, abductive approach, the question is whether we have to begin with a blank mind. In order to answer this question the theory-praxis relationship is discussed. This leads to the argument of the article that wherever we begin the researcher cannot work without a theological perspective and in the case of homiletics, without a homiletical-theoretical framework.