Kontoere in die ontwikkeling van ’n missionêre ekklesiologie in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk – ’n omvangryker vierde golf

  • C.J.P. Niemandt Universiteit van Pretoria
Keywords: Dutch Reformed Church, Missional ecclesiology, Mission history, Missional congregations, Missio Dei


Contours in the development of a missional ecclesiology in the Dutch Reformed Church – a more comprehensive fourth wave.This article is a response to the description of Dutch Reformed mission since 1990 as mission “to the ends of the earth” in Willem Saayman’s book Being Missionary– Being Human. An overview of Dutch Reformed Mission. Saayman distinguish four eras or waves of extraordinary mission endeavour. It is argued that the 4th wave identified by Saayman as an unfolding wave with particular emphasis on mission work outside local communities and South African borders, must be understood in a more comprehensive way. There is clear indication of an emerging missional ecclesiology in the policy decisions of the Dutch Reformed Church. A study of these policy decisions leads to the conclusion that a renewed commitment to Africa and to the healing of South Africa as well as a new missional paradigm are paving the way for a focus on local communities. The mission spiral of mission “far away” has made a turn “at home”.