Net maar diere? ʼn Tematiese oorsig van die plek van die diereryk in die skepping volgens geselekteerde Skrifgedeeltes

  • Jannie Du Preez
Keywords: Ekologie, Heilsgeskiedenis, Diereryk, Diere-identiteit, Dierebeelde, Dieregebede, Aanbidding, Ecology, Salvation history, Animal kingdom, Animal identity, Animal images, Animal prayers, Worship


A thematic survey of the place of the animal kingdom in God’s world according tosome Scripture passagesIn a time of growing ecological awareness it may prove valuable to trace the placewhich the animal kingdom according to the Scriptures takes in God’s world. Therelevant material unfolds as follows:Every animal unique;The Creator’s compassion on animals;Animals as examples to humans;Animal images for God;Animal images for God’s people;The messianic kingdom sketched by way of animal images;The significance of animal sacrifices in salvation history;Animal service during Jesus’ earthly ministry;The “Prayer relationship” between Creator and animals.As God’s image bearers, who have been appointed to rule over the animal world(Gen. 1: 27-28), it is our duty and privilege to behave in such a way towards themthat they will thereby be better enabled to fulfil the significance of their existence inGod’s world.