Annus Virtualis: Enkele uitdagings wat die virtuele era van Web 2.0 aan relevante kerklike bedieninge stel

  • S.J. Joubert Universiteit van die Vrystaat
Keywords: Digital era, Digital church, Virtual era, Virtual ministry


Annus Virtualis: Some challenges that the virtual era of Web 2.0 face in terms of relevant church ministryAnnus Virtualis, the digital explosion presents nothing less than a global paradigm shift away from the mass print culture. This is illustrated by a short discussion of the meteoric growth of digital platforms such as Facebook, before focusing on the new “Net Generation.” These “Net Geners” are transforming the digital world from a place where you search for information to an interactive social space where you share information and collaborate on projects of mutual interest, such as solving the globe’s most pressing problems. After dealing with a few dangers the new virtual era poses for authentic social connectedness, the need for churches to wake up to the digital word and come to terms with authentic digital ministry is finally addressed.

Author Biography

S.J. Joubert, Universiteit van die Vrystaat
Navorsingsgenoot, Departement Nuwe Testament, Universiteit vand die Vrystaat