’n Vergelyking van die Ned Geref Kerk se Kerkspieëlvraelyste

  • S.J. Zaaiman Noordwes-Universiteit
Keywords: Kerkspieël, Church research, Ecclesiology, Change, Questionnaire, Reliability, Validity


A comparison of the questionnaires of the Dutch Reformed Church’s “Kerkspieëls”(surveys reflecting the state of the Church)Since 1981 the Dutch Reformed Church conducted several surveys collecting data on different aspects of the church. In this process questionnaires were constructed and administered to different segments of the church. This article focusses on these questionnaires. For each questionnaire aimed at a certain population in the church a table are presented in which the themes of that specific questionnaire are listed.These themes changed in the questionnaires of the different surveys over time and this is indicated in the tables. This presentation of the questionnaires’ themes presents to researchers the opportunity to identify what themes were included when and where in the surveys. Furthermore this exposition indicates how changes were introduced to the themes in the questionnaires, indicating changes that occured in the Dutch Reformed Church over time. These changes are summarised in a table at the end of the article.