A perspective on marriages and civil unions in South Africa (Part one)

  • Pieter Coertzen
Keywords: Marriage, Civil Unions, Christian perspective, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association, Huwelik, burgerlike vakbonde, Christelike perspektief, Godsdiensvryheid, Vryheid van assosiasie


The aim of this article to take a look at and assess the current situation in South Africa regarding marriages and civil unions from a Christian theological and historical perspective. The question to be answered is: Where do churches stand with regard to marriages and civil unions? Are they merely to accept the way current laws on face value arguing that the state has the right to make laws and to enforce them and churches just have to obey the laws of the state or does the human rights of freedom of religion and freedom of association as part of state legislation give churches the options to exercise their faith identity in the matters of marriage and civil unions?