Kerk en Samelewing 25 jaar later: Was die kool die sous werd?

  • J.M. Van der Merwe Universiteit van Pretoria
Keywords: Kerk en Samelewing, Apartheid, Algemene Sinode van die Ned Geref Kerk, Versoening, Belydenis


Church and Society 25 years later: Was ith worth the while?25 Years have passed since the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church accepted a new policy document: Church and Society in Light of Scripture. This document came into being after a several years of struggle. The reaction to the document led to a schism in the church and the founding of the Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk. This article asks the question if the trouble Church and Society caused in the church was worth the while and then comes to the conclusion that it definitely was. Looking back after 25 years, Church and Society helped the Dutch Reformed church to get rid of the burden of apartheid and opened new doors on the church’s way to the challenges of the new millennium.