Locus theologicus as volgende generasie argitektuur – kantaantekeninge tot die ontwerp van ʼn biografiese theologia habitus in die toekomstige werkplek.

  • Jan-Albert Van den Berg Universiteit van die Vrystaat
Keywords: Theologia habitus, Locus theologicus, Spirituality, Workplace, Practical Theology, Futures studies, Delphi-method


Locus theologicus as a next generation architecture – notes on the design of abiographical theologia habitus in the future workplaceArising from the need for a spirituality for the future workplace – this design makes a contribution in terms of the development of a relevant and pragmatic theologia habitus, with the articulation of specific practical theological accents. Through the use of concepts associated with the metaphor of architecture, clear interdisciplinary accents from the dialogue between practical theology and futures studies are given utterance, with particular reference to the new – and future – workplace. In the development of a memory for the future, a so-called theologia habitus is facilitated, with a view to the facilitation of a spiritual recapitalisation in the future workplace. By means of the qualitative Delphi research method, an existing model of research is informed, in an evolutionary manner with a meaningful narrative biographical accent. The possible reformulation, as well as new articulations, of the language of faith, constitutes a search for relevant accents in the future workplace.