The Binga Outreach: Towards intercultural mission in the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe

  • Christopher Munikwa Stellenbosch University
  • H. Jurgens Hendriks Stellenbosch University
Keywords: Cross-cultural, Intercultural, Reformed Church in Zimbabwe, Acts 15, Mission, Tonga culture, Church planting


This article addresses the challenges that confront the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) in reaching out to other groups of people in Zimbabwe. They discovered that they were defaulting to the missionary paradigm of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) that founded the RCZ more than a hundred years ago. In reaching out to the Tonga people in the Binga area south of the Zambezi River and the Kariba Dam, their basic approach is described as a cross-cultural mission. The principles of intercultural mission, based on passages such as Acts 15, challenge this approach. The article deals with the implications in practice and the challenges that still confront the RCZ.