Theological education in Africa: Messages from the fringes

  • H Jurgens Hendriks
Keywords: Theological education in Africa, Kenosis – power, Kinkuni Angola, CCAP Malawi, Anglican Church of Kenya, Fresh expressions, Third wave missions


The article asserts that the quest for power is one of the debilitating cultural impediments that keep theological education caught in an out-dated paradigm. It uses case studies to illustrate the hypothesis as well as the journey to escape the stranglehold of the colonial heritage. Philippians 2:1-18 posits the normative theological principle of kenosis that should guide us in passing through the needle of an old paradigm. An experience in Kampala and research from the Anglican Church in Kenya illustrate the problem while case studies from Angola, Malawi and South Africa illustrate the paradigm shift from an institutional to a missional paradigm in theological education.