Toekomsverwagting en hoop by inwoners in die informele nedersettings rondom Bloemfontein

  • Pieter Verster


Is there any prospect of hope for the inhabitants of informal settlements?This question is asked concerning the inhabitants of informal settlements around bloemfontein. An introductory section on the theological implications and biblical aspects of hope is followed by the results of qualitative empirical research. respondents replied in five ways. some regarded the situation as without any hope (a) while others saw some hope if the government could become involved (b). some saw the only hope in God changing the situation (c) while others believed that the church should be responsible for change (d) and, finally, some regarded it as the task of citizens of the country and the inhabitants of the informal settlements to take responsibility for change themselves (e). A theological perspective emphasizes individual hope in christ as well as the renewal of society. Te church has a definite task in achieving this.