Die huishouding van God volgens Jakobus: Rolmodelle en vriendskap onderweg na ’n postpatriargale identiteit

  • Christelle Bekker
  • J. Punt
Keywords: Ekofeminisme, Huishouding, Patriargie, Gender, Heling, Gasvryheid, Jakobus, Eco feminism, Household, Patriargalism, Healing, Hospitality, James


Throughout the ages, clerical structures were developed according to the patriarchalfamily structure, modelled on examples to be found in the New Testament.Upholding a patriarchal (with the accompanying hierarchy) and hetero-normativeway of thinking (with accompanying marginalization) within the community ofbelievers, has the potential to wound, oppress and alienate people from the church.This principle has the implication that establishing a post-patriarchal identity in thehousehold, as well as in the church is potentially a key to mutual transformation andliberation. In this article the friendship-model in the book of James is interpretedthrough the lens of the example of Jesus. Although first-century friendships must beinterpreted within the context of patronship, James presents a further perspective:that people should be appreciated as full partners within the relationships.