“Dei enim minister est tibi” – God’s servant for your good: The Dutch Reformed Church in Africa and the law

  • Sarel Corrie
Keywords: Dutch Reformed Church in Africa, Church and State, Law, Post-apartheid


According to Romans 13:4 the authorities are servants of God for the good of the people.  This article want’s to look at the relationship between the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa and the authorities or the laws of South AfricaThe Dutch Reformed Church in Africa or properly called, Kereke ya NG (hereafter called the DRCA) takes it’s base from the Holy Bible. This scriptural base determines our reformed confessional framework and the church order we are using in the church. After a short history of the DRCA, I will address our dealings with the state in two parts, pre-1994 and post-1994.  I will conclude my presentation with a short word or two about our future.