Overture to practical theological facilitation

  • Elmo H Pienaar


The author introduces what he calls practical theological facilitation. The metaphor and activity of facilitation is regarded as an important lens and dimension in, and to, practical theology. It is espoused not only as an approach to standing practice but in particular as a professional-vocational activity or role in itself. This role is called practical theological facilitation or is referred to as a facilitative approach in practical theology. Practical theological facilitation consists of two aspects, namely, professional-vocational facilitation and facilitative consulting. These two aspects relate in some ways to what the reader might understand from what practitioner facilitation and conventional consulting involve. There are however notable differences. For these differences and distinguishing accents to facilitation and consulting, the tradition of inquiry, particular accents in practical theology, and the subdiscipline of pastoral therapy are judged to be important conversational partners.