A discussion about difficulties of university education for Korean missionary children

  • Hee-Kyung Youn
  • Julian C. Muller
Keywords: Korean missionary children, Mission field, Educational issues, Identity issues, University education, Universiteitsopleiding, Onderwys, Identiteit, Sendingveld, Kinders van Koreaanse sendelinge


In this article, “a discussion about university education for Korean missionarychildren”, the researcher describes the purpose of education for Korean missionarychildren and their issues of university entrance. The most significant problemencountered by Korean missionary children is identity. Regarding this, the KoreaWorld Missions Association (KWMA) defined the purpose of education for Koreanmissionary children to be citizens of God, citizens of the world, and citizens ofKorea. Since the definition was proclaimed, mission agencies and missionaries inKorea stimulate Korean missionary children to enter university in Korea, in terms ofestablishing these identities. Since Korea expended special admission allowancesfor university entrance in 1997 to missionary children, a tendency has arisenthat Korean missionary children changed from a Western to a Korean college/university (Back 2007:1). However, the system of special admission allowance hasrecently been complicated and this system may be more stringent in future. Thisnew attitude towards the special admission allowance for university entrance willinfluence Korean missionary children in future. Hence, Korean missionary parentsand mission agencies need to be open minded instead of persisting in preconceivedideas concerning university education. Personal character and preference of college/university options must be seriously considered, as they see the idea of ‘one-sizefits’is not appropriate for all. Alternative options are needed to offer to Koreanmissionary children for their university education.