Entrance into the covenantal space as point of departure for the liturgical act of living the baptismal life in this world

  • Gert Breed
  • Friedrich De Wet


In an effort to rediscover the sacramental sphere in Reformed context the authors attempt to take first steps in describing anew the element of efficacy (pertaining identity-forming and transformative power) as it is envisaged in the Reformed tradition’s view on the sacraments. The sense in which receiving the sacrament of Holy Baptism culminates in a baptismal life -defining the Christian identity and connecting Christians in new, transformative ways to the world they inhabit- should be considered in this quest for rediscovery of the sacramental sphere. An initial theological thesis on entering covenantal space as possible point of departure for the liturgical act of living the baptismal life in this world on daily basis is proposed. As key moment in this thesis, the integral role of a spirituality of anticipation is proposed- a spirituality that expresses itself in the sursum corda- act of entering the transcendental reality of the covenantal space where God is present, visualising and partaking (through faith) in God’s vision for the newness of our lives and returning to this imminent reality bearing witness to the ultimate renewal of the whole creation. In the latter part of the paper the authors employ their theological thesis on entering the covenantal space in formulating praxis theoretical indicators for educating baptised members of the body of Christ in sacramental literacy regarding the enduring identity-forming and transformative power of their baptismal life.