Nuwe tendense buite-om die erediens van die 21ste eeu. ʼn Beskrywende liturgie-historiese en hedendaagse verkenning

  • C.A.S. Wepener
Keywords: Liturgie, Ritueel, Kruisvinding, Middeleeue Pelgrimstogte, Liturgy, Ritual, Cross finding, Middle Ages, Pilgrimage


The main aim of this article is a description of both ancient and nascent ritual-liturgicaldevelopments and to ask the question whether these descriptions can assist inidentifying possible worship trends in years to come. In order to focus the inquirythe article looks at the presence of crosses within the context of worship settings,but mainly as these rituals are performed outside of the traditional spaces of Sundaymorning worship and church buildings. The two settings which form the focus of thisarticle are firstly the early Medieval period in the history of liturgy and secondly thecurrent South African ritual landscape. These descriptions are valuable for liturgicalstudies in South Africa as an attempt at answering the basic practical theologicalquestion, namely “what is going on?” Only after an attempt at answering this firstquestion can the second question be posed, namely “why is this going on?” The articleconcludes with some preliminary observations with regards to the latter questionwhich could serve as a preliminary attempt at identifying future worship trends.