Gereformeerde identiteit vandag? Ontwikkelings en rigtings

  • D. J. Smit Stellenbosch Universiteit


The paper pays tribute to the honouree by offering a case study of one of the key themes of Brümmer’s later research, namely the identity of traditions. It provides an overview of diverse answers to questions about Reformed identity. In a first section, it is argued that this rich diversity of responses to the identity question is in itself already typically Reformed, since it is caused by several Reformed characteristics. The second section sets the scene for the different answers with a brief overview of the contemporary Reformed landscape. The final four sections then serve as reminders of four well-known but different ways of approaching the question. The third section discusses issues regarding the Reformed community as a confessional tradition. The fourth section focuses on Reformed doctrine. The fifth section considers the Reformed way of life and the final section deals more specifically with the question whether there is something like a characteristic Reformed ethics.