Die betekenis van “godsdienstige organisasies” of “geloofsinstellings”: ’n regvergelykende perspektief

  • E.H. Van Coller
Keywords: Geloof, Godsdiens, Godsdiensvryheid, Godsdienstige organisasie, Regspersoon, Belief, Religion, Freedom of Religion, Religious organisation, Legal person


A pluralistic religious society pre-supposes various definitions of ‘religion’ and‘religious organisations’. In order to attract constitutional protection in the form ofthe right to freedom of religion, organisations require an appropriate definition andapplication. In a legal context a functional and practical approach on the basis ofa set of beliefs and characteristics is supported, rather that a formalistic, technicalapproach. Such a flexible approach is also in line with the Dutch approach in defininga ‘kerkgenootschap’ and ought to be followed to accommodate our multi-religiousand multi-denominational society