Die rol van die kerk as een van die instellings in die samelewing wat mense moreel vorm

  • N.C. Philander
Keywords: Moraliteit, Morele vorming, Geloofsgemeenskap, Kerk, Waardes, Godsdiens, Morality, Moral Formation, Faith-community, Church, Values, Religion


Throughout the ages, the church as one of the institutions in society has played animportant role in the moral development of people; both in South Africa and abroad.However, since the recent political revolution in South Africa and the adoption ofa new constitution, the state has been shifting into a neutral religious direction, sothat no religion is favoured over another. This does not mean that churches have aless important role to play today. In fact, Christian churches still have a significanteffect on communities. Therefore they have an even greater responsibility to conveyChristian values and principles in order to educate their members in these matters ina dedicated way. For this purpose, the church needs a clear formulation of its moralmessage, as well as programmes by which to convey this message to its people.