The Spirituality of Black Hebrew Pentecostals

  • Retief Müller Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University
Keywords: A Study of Two Religious Communities, Fred.G. Sherron. 2012, Bloemfontein, SUN Press, Black Hebrew Pentecostals


This is a book that promised much with its glossy cover and interesting theme. Black Hebrew Pentecostals who synthesise elements of Judaism and Pentecostal Christianity while perhaps also drawing on diverse elements of African and African American spirituality seem to present something unique for scholars of new or marginal religious movements. Indeed, Sherron makes the point in his book that he covers what is more or less virgin territory. Due to the fact that he never really gives the reader a proper introduction to the history and demography of the movement in general this book regrettably does not clarify why the movement of 'Black Hebrew Pentecostals' as remained unstudied thus far.
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