Die liggaam-van-Christus-metafoor: bediening van die AGSlidmaat

  • J. M. Olwagen
  • A. P. J. Putter
Keywords: Liggaam van Christus, Roeping, Lidmaat, Potensiaal Bediening, Body of Christ, Calling, Member Potential Ministry


Certain questions can be asked considering New Testament guidelines with regardto the functioning and expectations of an assembly structure surrounding the originof the AFM church: Is the ministry of the AFM-pastor and member still relevant? Arethe pastors successful in effectively guiding their assemblies in making use of theirown members for voluntary acts of service? This entails the caring of their memberand the execution of the assemblies’ missional command? How can the pastorssystematize their ministries in such a way that the equipping task of members can bemade more effective? This task implies the discovery and equipping of members forvoluntary acts of service in the assembly as described amongst others in Ephesians4:12. The purpose of this article is to provide a better understanding concerning thebody-of-Christ-metaphor: ministry of an AFM assembly member.