Boustene vir die toekoms van die NG Kerk (Deel III)

  • J.W. Hofmeyr
  • P. Kruger
Keywords: Identiteit van die NG Kerk, Uitdagings aan die NG Kerk, Norme en waardes vir die NG Kerk, Toekoms van die NG Kerk, Boustene vir die toekoms, Teologie en belydenis, Postmoderne paradigma, Identity of the NG(DR) Church, Challenges to the NG(DR) Church Norm


The DR(NG) Church, besides its own thinking and theologising, is influenced bythe sphere of the new political and cultural situation as well as the sphere ofthe postmodern paradigm. These factors bring challenges for the way in whichthe DR(NG) Church understands itself as a church and its mission within theSouth African context. In meeting these challenges the church has to have ahistorical understanding of these influences within its context. From this historicalunderstanding norms and values could be deducted to serve as contextually relevantdirectives for the future. Consequently they will also contribute to shaping the futureof the DR(NG) Church.