Pentecostalism & schisms in the Reformed Church in Zambia 1996-2001; evidence from documentary sources

  • H. Jurgens Hendriks
  • Lukas Soko
Keywords: Reformed Church in Zambia, SchismPentecostalism, Church leadership in Africa, Church conflict, The Bible Gospel Church in Africa, Identity, Gereformeerde Kerk in Zambië, Kerkskeuring, Pentekostalisme, Kerklike leierskap in Afrika, Kerklike konflik


This article is descriptive in nature and a practical theological assessment of theschisms that took place in the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) between 1996 and2001. It analyzes the available documents to find an answer to the question why ithappened. Pentecostal/charismatic tendencies have challenged the long inheritedtradition of mainline churches in general and the RCZ in particular. Subsequently,Pentecostal/charismatic movements have caused intense conflict in the churchbetween the pro-conservatives and pro-Pentecostals. In the RCZ this led to theformation of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in 1999 and the Bible GospelChurch in Africa (BIGOCA) in 2001.